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Maître & Chef Catering, upscale catering founded in 1988 opened, at the request of its customers, the division Cave St-Jacques whose mission is to provide exceptional quality wine storage.

The enjoyment of wine has been elevated to a true art by the oenologists of modern times with equal attention to its production, storage and consumption. Rich of his aroma compounds of a mixture of grapes, regions, colors, aromatic bouquets and alcohol that composes it,  ​​the wine requires optimal storage and conservations conditions. The quality of the wine aging in bottle is sought by any lover, expert or collector of wine, because the ultimate goal being to consumes it.

Discover with Cave St-Jacques a unique storage service that offers not only exceptional quality storage for wines, but also a range of related services including the relocation of the wine cellar, the home or office delivery service as well as the possibility of taking tasting courses being given by a sommelier in the private receptions room, the Salle Cave St-Jacques.